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Recently I made a research in order to find some useful tools for a new website I was going to work in. Actually I was looking for two specific things, first was how to improve SEO and then how to monitor user activity.

I ended up with two very useful tools one for SEO which I am going to talk to another post and the other was about real time user activity monitor. It’s really important for me to see how users interact with a couple of elements in my website.

The website I am talking to is the Chania vacation. I’d like to know how users interact with important buttons such as “Enquiry Here” and how they navigate through out the website. We all know Google analytics and how useful can be in our days but Mouseflow is a completely different approach in statistics field. You can get useful information about your user and how he interact with all your website elements.

Mouseflow it simples record your visitor movements and then you can simply watch the video recording. Apart from the page recording there are some other views for each of your pages such as heatmap, movement heatmap and viewport map. See here all features of the service.

mouseflow heatmap view

mouseflow heatmap view

The good news does not end up here as the guys from Mouseflow has a free package for all of us to test the service. The free package gives you 100 recordings for free while the next package has a monthly price of 10 Euro. Read about the available packages here.

I know there are some other services out there such as Crazyegg, Clickdensity, Clicktale and seevolution but for sure real time monitor activity that Mouseflow

I hope you find this post useful and go and try this great tool.

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