Google search url parameters, track your visitors

Some of you maybe have noticed some long referrer urls coming specially from Google. All these URLs are coming from organic searches. Google have made many information visible to us and that’s really help SEO guys to teach theirselves and their clients interesting things.

So I’ve started looking for infomration about what are all these about. Each different url parameter has its own role. Some of them not all, are listed below with its own definition. Most of them are very useful as it gives you information about the users and how they reach to your website.

Some of the most common are

q this is the search query, keywords
cd (number) this is maybe the most important parameter as it shows you the position in the results page
oe this is about the output encoding
ie this is about the input encoding
sourceid or client the client that user used to come to your site, firefox, chrome etc.
source source that user came from, web etc.
start defines the starting position of the current result page, the default is 10 results per page so if the that number is 40 that means that user came from the 4th
hl gives information about user interface language
newwindow shows you when the user has opened the result in a new qindow (1)
num how many results per page, user can change that from the settings panel, deafault is 10 results per page
as_sitesearch searchs the specific site, if he writes that to the search box  “ some keyword”
as_filetype user searchs for files with specific extension


I think that all these are really useful information, you can even use all of these data to write some custom scripts and save some information to your website database. I am using a lot all these specially the cd and q parameters to see what is my page ranking in some keywords. You could say that there are some other methods to achieve that such as specific user defined filters in Google Analytics account, I won’t say no because I use them too!

I hope you find all infomration useful, drop a comment if you want to.

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