Selene restaurant website just launched

It’s been less than a week that we finished our latest project for Selene Reastaurant –

Selene restaurant, based in Santorini, Greece, opened back in 1986. From the very beginning, Selene tried to promote the local products along with the local cuisine. Recently they decided to redesign their website, so they assigned the work to the Stereotropism team.

Some new elements, such as reviews and a news section, have been added to the website as we wanted it to be more informative to its guests. There is also a reservation form, where the visitor can apply for a table.


A few words about a new jquery plugin that we’ve used while working on the reservation page.What we were looking for, was for a nice and clean way to have labels on the reservation form but at the same time we didn’t want to use extra space for them. In older projects we’ve used the value of the input text field as a label. Then once the user click on it we clear the value of it. The problem is that doing it that way, we actually fill values all inputs so our form validation system didn’t work properly. So we came across the In-Field jquery plugin that did the job nicely.Now, we do have labels inside the input text fields and we have a nice simple fade out effect once the user click within the text field. Nice and neat! and its size deserves a mention -it is just 1kb.

Website is made using the latest Umbraco CMS platform. Guys from Umbraco made installation a piece of cake in version 4.6.0. Umbraco is a really useful tool for developers and help them speed up the development process a lot.

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