ie8 crashes due to mshtml.dll – ie8 bug with addthis plugin

It’s been along time since I post something. I promise to be more active from now on.

Working a lot the last few months I got a couple of things that need to share and will do from time to time.

There is one weird thing I noticed to a website just finished, a couple of users were complaining that the website stopped working in IE8 and make their browser always crashing, trying to restore the tab and crashing again etc.

I was really upset as it was first time after many years having that kind of problem. The first report from a nice guest that took the time to send me the error was


So what is this I said, and started looking pretty straight forward. Googling again and again, reading posts from Microsoft website as well from forums website. Everyone was talking about IE updates, windows bug,remove some extensions, some of them saying was because the Flash IE plug in. I tried everything but the website keep on crashing. After a lot of reading I tried looking on my javascripts, some of the gurus said IE8 always need “var” when you initiate a javascript variable. Tried everything to be honest with no luck. Then tried change the jquery versions because some people said might be that.

I was almost sure that was something to do with javascript, then I started taking out things while working on the demo server. Finally I realised that taking out the add this script solved the problem. YES a couple of weeks ago I added the addthis plugin and that caused IE8 in windows XP or Vista to crash again and again.

Here is the code I used straight from their website.

Really not many things to say just try take it out if you have similar problems, just to make clear it’s not all IE8 not really sure about the correct combination of operation, browser or any other extensions-plug ins. My lesson I got is so important don’t use any unnecessary code when you can make things simple at your own…

See you soon!

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