Umbraco upgrade from 4.7 to 4.11 with ucomponents v2.2

Hello guys,

I need to upgrade a current Umbraco installation to the latest version which currently is 4.11.1 My current version is 4.7.1 with Ucomponents installed version 2.2. The problems arise as some ucomponents parts are now fit within umbraco core. So I tried to find information on how to make my website upgrade but all I got for ucomponents was from version 1 to 2 and then v3 to v4 and on and on.

I thought everything is going to break after that try so I set up a development environment in order to start playing with my upgrade proccess. I totally recommend you to do the same, either back up or set up a new website as a development and then try anything you can until you achieve your goals. Another thing you need to be aware is to not uninstall the UComponents plugin. Once the whole process has finished then all you need is to install the new version as well.

The guys from Umbraco seems that have done a great job and who else using this software knows that. Kepp on! Now let’s see a few basic steps to get to the latest version. Things are so simple that you can’t beleive that!

Well, first of all back up everything… then you need to download the new versions (currently 4.11.1) and copy /bin, /umbraco, /install, /umbraco_client and some other new folders you will notice in v4.11 such as App_Plugins, Views. As mentioned very well in Umbraco codeplex page take care of these next steps.

– Merge changes made to /config/umbracoSettings.config (Mainly the imaging section)
– Add /config/applications.config and /config/trees.config files
– Delete bin/App_global.asax.dll

Many of you may use the Lucene Examine dashboard (I am using it in every single project) so unistall that becasue of some Umbraco core changes and just go and download and install the new version of it. Darren Ferguson has done a great job too.

Use the new web.confg and don’t forget to add the old umbracoDbDSN string and don’t forget any custom pices you may have added. You also need to copy some files form the config folder.

– trees
– applications
– log4net

You’re almost done!!!

Don’t forget the installation wizard, go through these steps and everything will go smoothly. The only problem I had is with UComponents version 5 is the data type grid. I am using the date as a part of the data type but I still have problems to use it successfully within the xslt.

Good luck with it guys. Back up back up back up before proceed to the upgrade.

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