Responsive design frameworks and how we should see them – Foundation vs Bootstrap

Well a couple of months ago my question was Foundation Zurb vs Twitter Boorstrap. Now my reply to this question is just anyone.

I was very anxious which one to use, which one will help me build my project easier and of course which one is more flexible to custom designs as we don’t use templates or other ready made designs. In Stereotropism we build custom hand crafted designs for our customers. It was a headache for me and I made a good research reading tons of articles and suggestions from web gurus. Well if you want a short and quick answer then go for any of these two or another one like Gumby, Skeleton etc.

At the end I find myself working with foundation but I have to say it again, there are not many differences among all of them. Ok Foundation offers some JavaScript goodies but other frameworks do the same. The most important thing is to choose the framework that is easier to understand, simple css rules that make things easier and save you development time. I finished with Foundation standard css after a customize download and then another css file where I added all custom rules, all overwrites gone there so I can customize the way my pages look.

This is definitely a nice up to date responsive css framework guide to start with.

The project I was working on is New York City, the ultimate Greek guide for people visiting New York City. Have a look at the website and feel free to make any comments or suggestions.

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  1. Mastro Thimios
    February 5, 2014 at 9:43 pm · Reply

    I was once down this path and it resulted in a lot of headaches. I started using 1% framework, then a little skeleton and others until I gave bootstrap a chance.

    I have to say I haven’t used foundation (but I would love to get to know it too) and I have to say bootstarp 3 is really really good, with great documentation and a lot of goodies to accomodate it. I love the classes and the ready javascripts like modals, menus etc to use.

    Have you tried bootstrap and if so are there any advantages to one another?

    • Giorgos Grispos
      February 5, 2014 at 10:06 pm · Reply

      Hi Thimio,

      I haven’t used bootstrap at all so not sure for pros and cons.

      I choose to start with Foundation zurb and I am stick with it. It has some easy to get css names, sass support (haven’t used really) and some great js components ready. In version 5 they introduce the interchange responsive content. You can easily load different img source or even different html parts depending on the device and screen size. What else to ask for a mobile first framework?

      The disadvantages are that lucks of good documentation and doesn’t support ie8 however this can be fixed with some extra js files and nice css conditional comments.

      You may have a look at, our latest project. At the moment working on a new one!

      you should try it!

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