CPM Viewable impression bidding for Adwords comes true

According to some high trusted websites In the next few days we will be able to use CPM viewable impression  as a bidding option for our GDN campaigns. That will activate the cost per impression bidding option for ads that are viewable only.

It was already reported by IAB last June and now before the end of the year seems to be ready to come. This is going to be a huge change for GDN campaigns. We all know that almost 1/3 of the ads are charged per impression while not really seen by visitor. This is very common in any kind of sites around the Display Network. That will raise our potential clicks up to 30%, really good news.

Obviously once this is active some new numbers will come in our stas, viewable CTR and viewable CPM.

This is an interesting feature that many of PPC fellows will follow very soon. Ads around the GDN will be more efficient and all stats will be real. Hopefully the monitor tool will be 100% right and only get charged when our ad seen by visitor.

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