An alternative to lazy loader using the jquery load method for external images

Well I was googling again and again looking for a jquery lazy loader. Unfortunately there is nothing out there. Just the old fashion script which actually doesn’t work properly in modern browsers as Mika says on his website. Well I had some photo galleries which have from 20 to even 60 images to load. That is a really big problem for the end user as well as for Google (SEO thinking). As you already know Google pays attention at the time a webpage needs to be loaded. That’s actually the reason that Google added the track page load time parameter to his latest additions in Google analytics script.

Google search url parameters, track your visitors

Some of you maybe have noticed some long referrer urls coming specially from Google. All these URLs are coming from organic searches. Google have made many information visible to us and that’s really help SEO guys to teach theirselves and their clients interesting things.

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