Responsive design frameworks and how we should see them – Foundation vs Bootstrap

Well a couple of months ago my question was Foundation Zurb vs Twitter Boorstrap. Now my reply to this question is just anyone. I was very anxious which one to use, which one will help me build my project easier and of course which one is more flexible to custom designs as we don’t use templates or other ready made designs. In Stereotropism we build custom hand crafted designs for our customers. It was a headache for me and I made a good research reading tons of articles and suggestions from web gurus. Well if you want a short and quick answer then go for any of these two or another one like Gumby, Skeleton etc.

Umbraco upgrade from 4.7 to 4.11 with ucomponents v2.2

Hello guys, I need to upgrade a current Umbraco installation to the latest version which currently is 4.11.1 My current version is 4.7.1 with Ucomponents installed version 2.2. The problems arise as some ucomponents parts are now fit within umbraco core. So I tried to find information on how to make my website upgrade but all I got for ucomponents was from version 1 to 2 and then v3 to v4 and on and on.

Css sprites and problems you may face

Hello, working during the last couple of days. I did some speed improvements in my latest work. I always try to optimize my code, use advanced cache techniques that Umbraco offers and many other things (recently I am following the html5 boilerplate standards). Don’t forget speed is the best SEO technique, that’s all Google people say and that’s so normal if you just think about it.

ie8 crashes due to mshtml.dll – ie8 bug with addthis plugin

It’s been along time since I post something. I promise to be more active from now on. Working a lot the last few months I got a couple of things that need to share and will do from time to time. There is one weird thing I noticed to a website just finished, a couple of users were complaining that the website stopped working in IE8 and make their browser always crashing, trying to restore the tab and crashing again etc.

An alternative to lazy loader using the jquery load method for external images

Well I was googling again and again looking for a jquery lazy loader. Unfortunately there is nothing out there. Just the old fashion script which actually doesn’t work properly in modern browsers as Mika says on his website. Well I had some photo galleries which have from 20 to even 60 images to load. That is a really big problem for the end user as well as for Google (SEO thinking). As you already know Google pays attention at the time a webpage needs to be loaded. That’s actually the reason that Google added the track page load time parameter to his latest additions in Google analytics script.

Hide You Tube, Vimeo videos with CSS and jQuery, IE bug

Hello, lastly I was working as a member of Stereotropism team on a new project which will be on air sometime within September. I can only give the name of it, “Brand Father”. I will do post the link once the site goes live (here you go it’s live now So I was working on a media gallery which actually is on the article detailed page. The concept is to have as many videos (either you tube or vimeo iframes) plus a bunch of images under the same media gallery.

Colorbox with Google maps

Hello, Any time I needed a lightbox effect for my projects I end up with colorbox. It’s  really easy to install it to your project, stable and not really heavy, supports all normal functionality and follows W3C standards.

Google search url parameters, track your visitors

Some of you maybe have noticed some long referrer urls coming specially from Google. All these URLs are coming from organic searches. Google have made many information visible to us and that’s really help SEO guys to teach theirselves and their clients interesting things.

Real time user monitor statistics

Recently I made a research in order to find some useful tools for a new website I was going to work in. Actually I was looking for two specific things, first was how to improve SEO and then how to monitor user activity. I ended up with two very useful tools one for SEO which I am going to talk to another post and the other was about real time user activity monitor. It’s really important for me to see how users interact with a couple of elements in my website.

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