Umbraco upgrade from 4.7 to 4.11 with ucomponents v2.2

Hello guys, I need to upgrade a current Umbraco installation to the latest version which currently is 4.11.1 My current version is 4.7.1 with Ucomponents installed version 2.2. The problems arise as some ucomponents parts are now fit within umbraco core. So I tried to find information on how to make my website upgrade but all I got for ucomponents was from version 1 to 2 and then v3 to v4 and on and on.

Foreign Bear Studio has a new website

Hello from Greece, temperature is about 35-38 degrees Celsius, that’s a 95 degrees in Fahrenheit, however life still goes on here at Stereotropism studio. We are excited to work on interesting projects and one of these was just completed .

Umbraco CMS no node exists with id ‘-21’ bug

I need to share that with you, I was uploading media using a useful plugin gecko uploadify for Umbraco CMS. Suddenly the Media folder gets empty and all nodes disappeared. I get frustrated because I never realised how this happened. I tried to clear sessions log in again but still no children under the media folder. redesign

We’re all very proud to announce the total redesign. zeroin will be redevoloped and new features, sections will be added. Marilena from stereotropism did her best to rebirth zeroin. A new fresh design is ready and now it’s my turn to start making our ideas a real world project. Actually this is the third redesign within the last 6 years.

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